Many still hate it, but Oregon retailers are (hopefully) collecting the new bike tax

By Stephen Frothingham

EUGENE, Ore. (BRAIN) — The word you hear most often when you ask Oregon retailers about the state’s new bike tax is “hope.”

But not “hope” in a very … hopeful way. Hope in a somewhat dubious way, like when you say, “I hope it doesn’t rain on our ride” as you are stuffing a shell into your jersey pocket.

Retailers hope that proceeds from the $15 per bike tax — which they began collecting this week — will be used to improve bike infrastructure as required by the law that created it. Even though almost all retailers BRAIN spoke with this week said they opposed the tax as unfair and misguided, most said if it leads to better bike riding conditions they will feel better about collecting it.

The tax applies to sales of new bikes with 26-inch or larger wheels and a retail price of $200 or more, and is expected to raise about $1.2 million in its first year.

Sprucing up the paths

“I hope it will get used to spruce up the bike paths,” said Al Snell, owner of Oregon City Classic Bikes.

When BRAIN spoke with Snell on Wednesday, he had yet to make …read more

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