Tackling UCI Masters World Track Championships

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words by Camie Kornely

Camie Kornely is an experienced racer based out of New Jersey who took on UCI Masters World Track Championships with her sights set not on medals, but on being the best version of herself she could be – and riding faster than she had before.

When I first planned my trip to Los Angeles for the UCI Masters World Championships, I forged ahead with complete certainty — I booked the flights, reserved the AirBnB, and the car without a second of doubt. Now, seven months later and stepping off the plane with my munchkin and two bikes in tow, the nerves crept in and my inconsistent training, the recent life changes, and the 45-degree banking of the track all had me wondering if I had made a humongous mistake. But it was too late to turn back now.

Having signed up for the last open track session before the race, we quickly dropped things off at the house, then went to the track where I built up my bike and got ready to ride. The 45-degree banking doesn’t look as imposing in photos, but stand next to it and it really is a wall, daring you to get on …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast