ENVE offers new gravel wheelset using mountain bike rims with anti-pinch flat technology

By Stephen Frothingham

OGDEN, Utah (BRAIN) — ENVE has announced the M525 G wheelset, which makes its M525 mountain bike rims available with road bike hubs. The M525 rim is a wide carbon hookless rim designed to reduce pinch flats.

The M525 G wheels come in 650b and 700c/29-inch configurations, with either Chris King or DT 240 hubs.

Enve developed the “Wide Hookless Bead” feature for mountain bike use and found that the M525 rim, used with mountain bike tires, improves pinch flat resistance by 60 percent. The company said the feature is even more valuable for gravel road riding.

“This technology is valuable considering that the number one cause of a mechanical on gravel roads is a flat tire. Lack of suspension and lower volume tires mean that tires must perform above and beyond to ensure you make it back home. The rim has a 25 mm inner width, allowing it to work with tires 32 mm wide and wider.

The wheels weight 1,368 grams in the 700c/DT 240 configuration, and retail starts at $2,800.

More information at enve.com/products/m525-g or attached spec sheet.