TNN Meets a Local Diabetes Hero in Norway

By teamnovonordisk

One of the most meaningful things that Team Novo Nordisk (TNN) does as we race our bikes around the world is meeting young people living with diabetes and showing them that it is still possible to achieve amazing things.

At Stage 4 of the 2017 Arctic Race of Norway in Tromsø, we met an amazing 11-year-old named Sigurd. Below is Sigurd’s story.

Being Diagnosed with Diabetes

In 2015 when he was eight years old, Sigurd’s mom Cecilie noticed that he had been drinking and urinating often, but according to Cecilie (who’s an ICU nurse), the most noticeable symptom was that Sigurd was “eating and eating and never feeling full.”

After four weeks, Sigurd had lost 5 kilograms and was getting very thin. “Only skin and bone,” Cecilie said. So Sigurd was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

“The night before we went to the doctor, I read more about type 1 diabetes and was prepared to have it confirmed,” Cecilie said. “When we got the diagnosis, I was sad, but at the same time, I tried to think that now we knew what was wrong and that it was not the end of the world. My focus was that …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk