Cities Changing Diabetes: Bike-ability and bold goal

By teamnovonordisk


Make the healthy choice, the easy choice

62% of people in Copenhagen ride their bike to study or work. That adds up to 1.4 million kilometers on an average weekday. In fact, according to the latest figures from the city, Copenhageners own five times more bikes than cars.2 But Copenhageners did not just wake up one day and randomly decide ‘I want to become a cyclist’. Rather, the local politicians, urban planners and others shaping the city have decided to follow the mantra ‘make the healthy choice, the easy choice’. That means that people are nudged into choosing their bike or public transport as their preferred way of getting to school or work from quite an early age simply because the bike lanes and local city busses and trains are right there at their doorstep making the healthy choice, the easy choice.

VIDEO: Watch Helle Søholt, CEO from Gehl, explain how Copenhagen is built for people.

It starts with people

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Via:: Team Novo Nordisk