Opinion: It’s the end of the road for the IBD: Say hello to the IBS

By Stephen Frothingham

By Dan Sotello

Editor’s note: Dan Sotello was the founder of Onza, a parts and accessories brand in the 1990s. He is the inventor of the mountain bike bar-end and worked with several bike brands including Shimano, Specialized, Maxxis and Panaracer. For 10 years, he’s operated a bike shop on Mercer Island, near Seattle, called Bike Lair.

1968, my career started as a proud Factory Trained Schwinn mechanic in Southern California. I can safely say this was the golden era for IBDs. Ever since, I’ve witnessed every great, surprising, and sometimes agonizing twist that IBD’s had to endure to stay in business. And now I can honestly say, “this is the end of the road for IBD” … Welcome, IBS: Independent Bicycle Service

What the current IBDs need to do is bite the bullet, stop resisting and alienating online consumers and just face the fact that the internet is here to stay. Like it or not big bicycle brands sooner or later are going to cave into internet sales in order to survive, thus leaving stubborn IBDs high and dry.

So sit back, have a few strong smoothies (daiquiris optional), and start thinking, “how can I turn this …read more

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