Velo Capital Partners spin-off launches ‘world’s safest bike,’ offers technology to OE market

By Stephen Frothingham

LYON, France (BRAIN) — Vélo Capital Partners, an investment group that has been studying the international bike market for several years, is launching a company, called véliSo, offering several technologies that combined would produce what the company calls “the world’s safest bicycle.”

The technologies include electronic anti-lock braking, a 360-degree warning system, automatic emergency braking, and automatic electronic tire pressure management. The company wants to bring the technologies to the OE market, but is initially launching a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that would give consumers an opportunity to obtain the technology directly.

Vélo Capital Partners is owned and managed by Patrick Keating, an American now based in France who has worked with several investment firms in the U.S. and Europe. “Since 2012 we’ve been focused on innovation in the global cycling industry,” Keating said in a statement this week. “In 2015 we decided to form véliSo to focus on solving the problems we identified in Cycling 4.0 with intelligent solutions. These problems require advanced technology with a convergence of electronics, software and telecommunications driven by advanced algorithms.”

The company calls the technology package the Mirage ARAS and it calls its bike that incorporates the features the véliSo V-1. ARAS stands …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News