Amy Cutler: Winter Layering

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words by Amy Cutler, Photography by Tayler Rae Dubé

What to wear? One of the most challenging aspects of winter riding, aside from braving the cold, is deciding what to wear. Many a pre-ride breakfast is spent agonizing over this very commitment. You may opt to text ride companions seeking solace in their feedback. Eventually it comes time to depart. Let’s hope we got this right!

Building an arsenal of winter apparel can take years, unless there is a pile of $$$ lying around! We’ll start by covering my winter favs then delve into temperature based wardrobe combos. Please bear in mind that article combos are merely intended to be helpful guidelines. Everyone’s cold tolerance is different and I am probably one of the biggest winter wimps around. Let’s just say I latch on to wool socks like a security blanket come December.

Winter Favs

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Via:: Pretty Damned Fast