Mixed Terrain Mapping: Michele Smith

By Pretty Damned Fast

By Jenny Wojewoda

My first “mixed terrain” ride was several years ago. On my first road bike. The mid reach caliper brakes allowed for my then boyfriend, now husband, to fit a pair of skinny cyclocross all-arounders on my wheels. He wanted to show me what I had missed a few weeks back, when our inspired local shop, Ride Studio Cafe, had offered the first of their Honey 100 Rides (so named for the brand of steel bike sold at the shop and made a few towns over by Seven Cycles). I had wanted to go, but not having a ‘cross bike, or having ever done this sort of thing, I was intimidated. I’d get stuck with flats and other mechanicals. I’d get dropped by the many ‘cross racers showing up to do this kind of ride.

What is “mixed terrain”?

Essentially, it is tying together all of the various riding surfaces you can think of: pavement, dirt roads, cobblestones, gravel paths, bike paths, urban parks and playgrounds, old abandoned rail beds, carriage roads, jeep tracks, smooth single-track, stairs(!), bridges of varying widths and states-of-repair, etc. You ride all of these things, point-to-point, riding what you can, walking where that …read more

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