Orange Cat Quarterly – vol 5

The Best Ability, Is Availability

I’m at the same place, at the same time, on the same day of the week, 45-50 weeks of the year. I do my best to show up early, stay late, and engage all comers. This quarter’s story is a success story in progress. It’s the story of a 23 year former foster youth who loves to ride bicycles and seeks me out when he needs help with his gear. We are coming up on our two years anniversary of when we “met.”

I put met in quotations because our first encounter was at Sacramento Summer Night Lights where I had volunteered to run my grass track racing program. I’m standing at the start/finish line about to blow my whistle to signal the start of a race when this dude comes riding a wheelie all the way across the community center grounds, grinning ear to ear, takes a hot lap, and literally rides off into the sunset never letting his front wheel touch the ground.

The next time I encountered him was a about nine months later when I started my mobile bicycle repair and helmet safety clinics at the …read more

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