From competitive to carefree: Van Life with Charlotte Batty

By Pretty Damned Fast

Interview by Addie Levinsky | Photos by Charlotte Batty

“I’ve always been an adventure seeker, but I wouldn’t really label myself as adventurous ‘adventurous’ until I actually gave up racing.”

As the youngest of four, Charlotte Batty grew up riding bikes and chasing around her three older siblings around their small town cattle farm. Those carefree childish rides evolved into a lifetime of competitive cycling for all four Batty kids. After fifteen years of racing and watching women’s cycling evolve, mountain biking became a lifestyle – not just a hobby. She started Minii Adventures, an awesome mix of advocacy, skill, and more which “provides positive and educational mountain bike experiences for people looking to gain the skills or confidence they need to have more fun on the bike”.

Over the last year, Charlotte set out on a new adventure after grappling …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast