ALP Cycles Racing

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words & Interview by Addie Levinsky | Photos by Mahting Putelis

There’s no doubt, to be a successful bike racer you need the fitness and mental tenacity. Less appreciated, however, is the huge tactical component. If bike racing were a board game, it would be chess. Understanding bike handling techniques, knowing when/how to attack, riding comfortably in a pack… each piece, individually, is a skill. Combined, it is fast-paced art form.

There’s one woman in particular who knows the ins & outs of bike racing strategy. She also just so happens to be one of the most decorated and accomplished females in the world. We had the pleasure of catching up with Alison Powers, former professional competitor and head coach of ALP Cycles Racing, and heard all about her new endeavor as a team coach in the world of women’s …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast