Granny’s Bike Tour

By Pretty Damned Fast

By Rachel McQueen

I could fill a book with my Granny’s stories. Being English, she is predisposed to understated storytelling. She is the quintessential English Granny in every way: cordial and reserved, stern yet kind, with a constant wit – Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey meets Patricia Routledge in Keeping Up Appearances .

I grew up listening to her share the milestones in her life – war survival, giving birth to my mother on her own, coming to America with two young children to reunite with a husband she hadn’t seen in two years. She’s so good at storytelling she can even tell other people’s stories. Even though my Grandad died almost thirty years ago, she has told me his immigration story as if it were her own.

It was with complete shock when, about a year ago, she …read more

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