Dan Sotelo returns to industry with wheel balancing system

By Stephen Frothingham

MERCER ISLAND, Wash. (BRAIN) — Dan Sotelo, one of the most prolific innovators during the 1990s mountain bike boom, is returning to the wholesale side of the industry with a new wheel balancing system he is presenting to wheel, tire and bike makers around the world.

Sotelo is best known as the founder of Onza, a parts and accessories brand in the 1990s. (Sotelo has no connection to the current Onza brand). He is the inventor of the mountain bike bar-end and worked with several bike brands including Shimano, Specialized, Maxxis and Panaracer. After leaving the industry he operated a music instrument business for several years. More recently he’s operated a bike shop on Mercer Island, near Seattle, called Bike Lair.

Sotelo’s new venture is called Dynamic Speed Balance. It relies on a patent-pending system of wheel, tire and tube that combine to make a perfectly balanced wheel without the addition of any weights. Sotelo said the benefits of a properly balanced wheel have been long overlooked by riders and the industry. A balanced wheel can improve performance and comfort and eliminate high-speed shimmy, for example, he said.

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Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News