Crowd-funded device would increase bikes’ visibility to vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems

By Stephen Frothingham

OGDEN, Utah (BRAIN) — The co-owner of Mercury Wheels has launched a crowd-funding campaign for a device that increases a bicycle’s visibility to radar-based automobile Collision Avoidance Systems.

The iLumaware project is being spearheaded by Chris Mogridge, the co-owner of Mercury Wheels, a high-end aftermarket bike wheel brand.

The iLumaware Shield mounts to a bike’s seatpost and includes a taillight. The device’s OTR Technology is said to enhance the radar signal received by a CAS forward-looking radar sensor in a car. The result is the bicycle is more visible to the system at a greater distance.

According to iLumaware, there were 470 car models available in 2016 with CAS systems and the systems are likely to become even more popular in coming years.

The project’s Kickfunder camapign had raised about $3,500 as of Tuesday morning, with 31 days to go. Its goal is to raise $70,000. Supporters can buy a iLumaware Shield with a $69 pledge; the Shield will eventually retail for $89.

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