Setting the Record Straight: Stephen Clancy

By teamnovonordisk

There is one thing people living with diabetes need to learn – possibilities do not vanish after diagnosis. Team Novo Nordisk, is on a mission to show that if you are living with diabetes, you are still able to live life the way you’d hoped.

Stephen’s Story

At 19 years old, Stephen Clancy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Stephen was a competitive cyclist and had just come off the best cycling season of his life. At the time of his diagnosis, his medical team told him that type 1 diabetes was one of the most difficult conditions to manage, and cycling, especially endurance cycling, is going to be almost impossible.

His doctor’s recommendation on that day was “you can do a mile”. For a painful and tearful 24 hours, Stephen thought he was never going to be a cyclist anymore.

Then Stephen remembered watching Team Novo Nordisk racing on TV. He did some research, learned more about the team and its all-diabetes cyclists, and it stood out to him that “if these guys can do it, why can’t I?”

“I was immediately inspired and motivated to face this new challenge head on,” says Stephen. “And with the support of the right healthcare …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk