Training at Altitude

By Pretty Damned Fast

Training at Altitude

Lori Nedescu, MS RDN LD

The Cadence Kitchen

I recently returned from a cycling trip in Briançon, France which is France’s highest city, sitting at 4,350ft, deep in the hautes alpe region and a popular Tour de France destination. In five days of cycling there were 5 rides completed, totaling 250.5 miles and 35,534ft of climbing. Sound exhausting? It was! It was also a completely amazing experience that you can read about on my blog. While the riding was inspiring, it was also breathtaking; in more than one way! Besides the gorgeous views, there was the undeniable issue of high altitude. My day to day life (for now!) plays out in Columbus, Ohio, a city known for being flat and sits below 1,000 ft.

There is no doubt about it; training at altitude is a crucial part of every elite athlete’s training schedule. The change is noticeable at 5,000ft but most beneficial over 8,000 where the air is thinner which means the amount of oxygen you take in per breath is less than at sea level. This translates into less oxygen available to working muscles. Your body’s red blood cells compensate for this …read more

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