Setting the Record Straight: Karolina Witek

By teamnovonordisk

Read 19 year-old Karolina Witek’s story of her struggle and triumph to do what they said could not be done. Karolina is from Poland and was inspired by Team Novo Nordisk when she came across our video on Facebook page.

Karolina’s story

Before my diagnosis, I was training as a cyclist – mountain biking, cross-country and road racing. One day after training, when I came home, I felt bad and fainted. The next morning I went with my parents to the doctor and he looked at me and immediately measured by blood sugar.

Now I don’t wonder why he reacted the way he did but it made no sense to me at the time. I was 13 years old, 168cm (5′ 6”) and weighed 31kg (68lbs). I looked like death and felt like it too. I knew that I was a very skinny but I thought it was normal since I biked a lot.

My sugar levels after fasting were 580 mg/dl.1 The doctor told me and my parents that the matter is very serious and it was a miracle that I’m not in a coma. He sent me directly to the hospital where I spent two weeks just after Christmas and into New …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk