MVP // From The Beginning

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words by Jenn Hannon of Machines for Freedom

Images by Tracy Chandler

We were about to ride for 8 consecutive days from Portland to San Francisco in the middle of October which meant a few things: a high probability of misty rain and the guarantee of colder temps than we were used to in LA. After running through the obvious list of questions like… can we do this? Have we trained enough? Have we trained too much? Tracy and I looked at each other as if we had read each other’s mind. “What will we wear?!”

It was clear that this ride would not be shorts and jersey weather. Up until this point Machines had only developed our Endurance Kit, intended for long sunny days and warm summer rides. For this week-long adventure we would undoubtedly need to cover our arms and our legs, but with what? Simple black arm and leg warmers were the obvious solution, but neither of us are huge fans of these accessories. This was the type of ride where even the smallest wrinkle in your sock can cause temporary insanity… did we really want to feel elastic squeezing …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast