Cat 5 Party of 1

By Pretty Damned Fast

Cat 5 Party of 1:

How to Survive your first season of CX

Words by Nicole Davidson of Veloville USA

Cross is coming.

For some, cross is already here. Heck, there are places where cross never leaves. If you are reading this, you probably already know what cross is all about or at least understand the theory behind all that barrier hopping and flying mud. Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying a race but are not sure how to begin. What are the rules? What do I ride? What do I wear? How do I even sign up?

Many have made the mental commitment to try a cyclo-cross race but now the season is upon us and it’s time to roll up to the start line. If you’ve joined a team or race club, you likely have plenty of support from fellow beginners or seasoned upper category racers.

The rest of us, whether through circumstance or by choice, race as a team of 1.

This is especially true for the first season, which can make learning a new sport that much harder. I recently held a women’s basic CX skills clinic and during the Q&A session, the same basic concerns came up again …read more

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