1996 called … Paul brings back purple anodizing

By Stephen Frothingham

CHICO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Paul Component Engineering will be offering many of its parts with purple anodizing in limted editions over the next six months.

The company will offer purple in small batches, then retire the color until purple is back in fashion again. Stock is limited and will vary monthly. Paul Components manufactures all parts in Chico, CA.

Currently, the following Paul parts are available in purple: Tall N’ Handsome Seatposts, Moon Units, Quick Releases, Klampers and Bottle Openers.

Coming soon in purple: Boxcar Stems.

And still available in limited quantities: Love Levers, 28.6 Chainkeepers, Left 31.8 Cross Levers, 0mm and 20mm IS Disc Adapters.

More information: paulcomp.com.