By Pretty Damned Fast

Heli-Drop Mountain Biking Whistler, BC
words by Abby Watson Photos by Brian McCurdy.

I’m generally not a believer in fate, and certainly don’t subscribe to sayings like “everything happens for a reason,” but sometimes a plan just comes together in a way that’s almost too good to be true. It was in this way that I found myself drinking beer at an alpine lake after being dropped off by a helicopter at 7,000′ with my MTB.

A week earlier, moments after some back and forth with my husband Greg about us both being in desperate need of a vacation, my friend Cynthia asked if we would be interested in tagging along for a heli drop ride outside of Whistler the following weekend. Without much hesitation, we hustled to line up a dog sitter, took the time off work and put fresh tires and brake pads on our bikes. The week leading up to the trip flew by, and before we knew it we were en route from Portland to Whistler, stuck in the worst traffic I’ve ever experienced (a Seattle norm), turning a scenic seven-hour drive into a ten-hour gridlock. But we didn’t care—we were too excited for the …read more

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