Team Laser Cats

By Pretty Damned Fast

Elisabeth Reinkordt, interviewed by Krista Ciminera

Tell us a little about the background of the team. How did you come together as a team in the first place?

We got started in the winter of 2015, when Melissa Tabas, the woman behind the Laser Cats and Such brand, asked a handful of Philadelphia women whether they’d like to start a team focused on fun and wearing wild kits. Several women had just finished their first year of racing, and a couple others were looking for new teams after moving to Philly. After a potluck full of giggles, the original six started scheming for ways to make a presence in Philadelphia and beyond. Some of us had come from other women’s teams, some from co-ed teams.We wanted to create a team culture that empowered women while showing how much fun you can have, and how great bike friendships can be. Over the course of 2015 our team grew to 12 members, selecting women who fit our mission of getting more women on bikes and providing a welcoming and fun environment for women who ride and race locally.

Melissa Tabas

Are you a team? A cycling club? Does everyone race?

Team Laser Cats is definitely …read more

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