Ridley debuts women’s line of performance road bikes

By Lynette Carpiet

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Belgian tough is now available in women’s sizing.

Ridley launched its lineup of women’s road bikes Wednesday night during a dinner presentation at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen.

Bert Kenens, Ridley’s product manager, said that many brands have developed women’s bikes with the prevailing thought that women’s upper bodies were shorter than men’s, which led to shorter toptubes. But he contends that this is the wrong approach.

“We discovered that our Ridley performance geometry is very suitable for women’s bikes also,” he said. “There are some differences between men and women. Women have narrower shoulders, hips are a bit wider, and on average women are not so strong as men.”

Taking into consideration these parameters, Ridley’s women’s bikes don’t alter frame geometry. They feature the same frames as Ridley’s Noah, Helium and Fenix, but feature shorter stems, narrower bars, zero offset seatposts and shorter crank lengths.

Compared to their male counterparts, the women’s line offers a zero offset seatpost, 80-100 millimeter stems; 36-, 38-, and 40-millimeter bars, and 165-, 167.5-, 170- and 172.5 millimeter cranks.

The lineup includes the Jane, Jane SL, Jane SL Disc; Aura SLA, Aura X and Aura SLX; Liz Alloy, Liz Carbon, Liz SL and Liz SL …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News