Fix It Sticks to introduce carrying bracket at Interbike

By Stephen Frothingham

CHICAGO (BRAIN) — The maker of Fix It Sticks, a lightweight tool launched on Kickstarter in 2013 by a former bike shop mechanic, is introducing a bracket to carry the tool. The bracket mounts beneath a waterbottle cage on frames.

Fix It Sticks simply snap into the Bracket and release quickly for quick repairs or position changes.

The Bracket holds two Original Fix It Sticks with each set weighing 55 grams and offering four tools. The sticks nest together into a T-handle wrench. The Originals sets come in a variety of configurations. Original Fix It Sticks contain bits that are permanently fixed; the company also offers a Replaceable Edition, which offer removable bits.

The Bracket will be sold along with one set of Original Fix It Sticks for $25.