TNN Talks: Mandy Marquardt

By teamnovonordisk

You might have known that Elite rider Mandy Marquardt (pronounced“Mar-kwart”) represented Team USA at three 2014/2015 UCI Track World Cups, was named to the 2016 US Olympic Long Team for Track Sprint Cycling and won all four US Elite National Sprint Titles this year. But did you know Mandy also loves schnitzel and “Finding Nemo” and can’t stop listening to Fetty Wap?

Below, the 11-time US National Champion shares a few things you may not know this edition of TNN Talks.

Favorite food when traveling:

My favorite food when traveling is yogurt. I’d say the best yogurt I’ve had was in Germany. I can easily digest it between training and racing and it’s a great balance of carbs, protein and fat.

It’s no different when I’m home. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I fill my cart with endless amounts of yogurt and have an entire fridge shelf dedicated to it. I can post a picture to prove it!

Favorite food from your home country:

I was born in Mannheim, Germany and moved to the United States when I was 6.

My favorite food from my home country is schnitzel with fries and mayo. SO GOOD! My favorite food in …read more

Via:: Team Novo Nordisk