Brooks England launching two new bicycle helmets

By JustAnotherCyclist

Island Bicycle Helmet by Brooks England

Brooks England has added two new helmets to their iconic line of saddles, bags and clothing. These are currently being release in pre-order on their website, and are expected to ship by spring of 2017.

Both helmets will be released in two sizes, M (53-58cm) and L (59-62cm).

The ISLAND, our first Commuter Helmet, and the HARRIER, our first Road Helmet, are currently in development. Soon they will be in pre-production, the full commercial release being planned for Spring 2017

Brooks England Island bicycle helmet

The Island offers vents front and back, but a smooth, solid top that differentiates it from the standard road helmet style. Lines curve over the ears, connecting the front and rear vents. The helmet is clearly geared towards the casual, urban commuter, bringing “Brooks style to the urban rider.” This is actually a segment of the market that may arguably have the greatest likelihood to ride without a helmet.

The helmet is slated to be offered in white, teal, mud grey and black. It has an MSRP of $150 US / £120.00. However, the Island is not yet available in the United States, having only passed the applicable …read more

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