Tour de Force, Part 2

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words by Nicole Davison of Veloville USA

How do you retell the story of two thousand miles? 2,210 miles to be exact.

How does one describe each mountain top? 56 of them, plus countless un-categorized others.

How do I share every foot climbed skyward? All 148,393 ascended. Nothing I write can come close. There’s just no way to relive it. There are too many kilometers, too much discomfort, too much happiness, too many tears, too much joy and far too many pedal strokes. It was painful. It was incredible. It was the Tour de France.

It wasn’t the race but an attempt to replicate the entire course, mile for mile, just like the professionals. We started a full week before the peloton, on a Saturday from Mont Saint Michel. 21 stages in 23 consecutive days.

Clearly, as amateur enthusiasts, the pace was a fair amount slower. Not that it made things easier on the chamois but it did improve conditions slightly for the legs. Plus, we had rest stops, up to four a day. We started the morning with a light breakfast, stop 1 and 2 provided nutrient dense snacks, stop 3 was a proper lunch and stop 4 was calorically …read more

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