Seven Cycles’ RedSky road bike is a category spanner

By Stephen Frothingham

WATERTOWN, Mass. (BRAIN) — Seven Cycles’ new RedSky road bike is aimed at the all-weather, all-road market.

Based on the company’s Axiom road bike platform, the RedSky is intended to be a “category-spanner.”

Seven Cycles’ founder Rob Vandermark said, “We have 80 rain days per year, on average, in New England, not to mention the snow, so with RedSky we are giving riders a bike that will turn all of those into riding days.”

RedSky will fit a wide array of tires, from 23c road slicks to 32c file treads. The frame comes with optional, hidden fender mounts. Seven’s 5E road fork comes in eight different rakes, which allows the company to optimize handling for riders across the size spectrum, as well as addressing issues of toe overlap for smaller riders.

RedSky can be built with a choice of build kits from SRAM, Campagnolo or Shimano.

Vandermark said, “As custom builders, it’s incumbent on us to build as much value as possible into every bike. RedSky does that by giving riders both versatility and performance at the same time. These bikes weigh what any fast road bike weighs, but they are configurable to address everything from a fast group ride to …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News