Adult Bicycle Helmet Laws In the US

By JustAnotherCyclist

Adult bicycle helmet laws draw no end of passion on both sides. We don’t call them the “bicycle helmet wars” for nothing. But until recently I was under the mistaken belief that there were few – if any – jurisdictions in the United States that actually had laws regarding adult usage of bicycle helmets. This belief was shattered on a recent trip to Washington state where, coincidentally, two totally different people completely unconnected made comments about King County Washington having a helmet requirement for adults.

Me being Mr. Skeptical of course went to the one and only authority as soon as I got home – Google. I was admittedly surprised.

Washington State adult bicycle helmet laws

My search turned up a page on the Washington State Department of Transportation website listing jurisdictions in Washington state with bicycle helmet laws. There were two things that jumped out at me.

First, apparently Washington State has not state-wide law regarding bicycle helmets for either children or adults.

Second, there are a ton of counties and/or cities that do have adult bicycle helmet laws.

Third, of all the jurisdictions with laws, a surprisingly small number (2) are targeted exclusively at children, …read more

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