“The Program” – a movie review

By JustAnotherCyclist

I just finished watching “The Program” – a dramatized version of the events of Lance Armstrong. The movie itself credits its inspiration to David Walsh and his book “Seven Deadly Sins.” Somehow I had been aware of this movie and had (incorrectly) assumed that it was another in the line of documentary works that come out since the Oprah Winfrey interview with Lance Armstrong. After watching, however, I realized this was a bit different.

This movie was a dramatization in that there were actors playing all the roles. The astute cycling fans will recognize the moments of actual footage scattered throughout the production. But there is no denying that Lance Armstrong, Frankie and Betsy Andreu, Johan Bruyneel and other key figures were played by actors. That sets it apart from the majority of the films published since Lance Armstrong’s admissions.

While the story is populated with actors, it maintains the documentary feel, depicting real-world events accurately enough that those familiar with the story will recognize them. One of my complaints, however, would be about how much they tried to capture in this film. The 1 hour and 43 minute runtime attempts to …read more

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