Love & Bicycle Touring

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words by Jamie LaFleur

In my life, I have always favored solitary undertakings over collective efforts. I’m not exactly what you would call a “team player” despite my years of playing hockey when I was growing up. Since adulthood, I’ve become an independent athlete in weightlifting and triathlon. I understand these two things have the team training dynamic, and I love this aspect of both sports, but at the end of the day, I am alone. The successes and failures out on the swim, bike, run or even the lifting platform are solely mine to hold. This is not to discredit the coaches that are behind me every step of the way, but simply, the only thing getting me over that finish line are my own physical and mental capabilities. This lone wolf attitude and self-sufficiency floods into other aspects of my life. Travel being the most important one.

The first and only time before this Norway cycling trip that I have traveled with another individual was when I moved to New Zealand for a year and it ultimately led to the realization that I should in fact, be single forever. And that was the best plan ever until I met …read more

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