The feel good story that keeps getting better

By JustAnotherCyclist

Not too long ago I I related to you the ‘Feel good story of the day‘ that I’d stumbled upon on Facebook. It is an epic tale that should have been titled Michael and the well ridden bicycle. Our intrepid hero Michael had run into a lovely lady and her bike in need or repair. Well, there is now a second part of that’s story. That’s right – Michael actually connected with the bike’s owner and lived up to his word.

Loose front wheel nut, both brakes seized, no changeable gears, loose rack, very tight bottom bracket, unbelievably cruddy chain, three spokes broken on the back wheel which was out of true. The only new parts were the spokes

Michael Glan

The bike had some easily identified maintenance issues – things that clearly showed the miles this bike had endured. I couldn’t help but wonder how a modern bike would have held up under the same usage.

Michael jumped in to get this baby running a little more smoothly for Helen:

First clean the chain then rebuild the back wheel

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