Rapha Prestige Bohemia

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words by Chloe Lasserson

Photos by Lars Schneider

For the last seven years I’ve lived in New York. Friends, running team, and cycling crew, check, check and check. In swoops this amazing job opportunity that I can’t refuse, but it’s Germany. Cue up the freak out, stress, and chaos and then the slow descent to reality. I knew moving to Berlin would push me outside of my comfort zones, well outside. I had never been to Germany before, don’t speak the language, and barely knew anyone who lived there. What I didn’t expect was for it to push me outside of my comfort zone in something I thought was universal, sport, more specifically cycling.

Back in New York I had a core group of cycling friends and our typical routes and it was easy to ride at a fun, relaxed pace, stop for donuts, and avoid challenging myself. Since I didn’t really know anyone in Berlin, let alone cyclists, I rode with a lot of random new people- something I rarely did when I lived in New York. Without a core group or a real sense of the geography for riding in …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast