Guest Opinion: Apparel can be a profit center

By Stephen Frothingham

By Mercedes Ross

Mercedes Ross has been a leading merchandising force in the bicycle industry, becoming a known expert in the field over the 25 years she has been in the business. Mercedes is presently the Director of Project Bike Tech, a non-profit that places bike tech classes in high schools around the country. She’s worked in the ski, outdoor, motorcycle, scuba and craft brewing industries, as well as owned her own motorcycle retail store for 15 years. Mercedes has led countless sales team training seminars and been a featured speaker in both the bicycle and motorcycle industry national trade shows.

The apparel department can be a profit center – it just needs the right mix of product, merchandising and placement to do its job. Generally we place the apparel section at the front of the store, mainly to give it the most exposure.

Softgoods do bring personality to the store. It’s something everyone can relate to – you know, clothing! It makes even the most novice rider feel like that is a section of the store they understand. Most importantly it is something that brings freshness to the store every season. It is important to have a good selection of styles …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News