City Slickers

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words and photos by Anna Maria Diaz-Balart

I am a city girl, born and raised. And while mountain biking fills me with a sense of wonder and joy, and the natural world absolutely humbles and amazes me, it does not mean I have the skills to get out there and just do it. Years of living in Manhattan have left me with minimal driving skills, and a ruthless approach to storage of material possessions. Brooklyn has softened me a bit, I keep three bikes in the apartment. And last year my fiance and I bought a car. Mountain biking went from fantasy to reality, and escaping the concrete jungle was now possible. And while my life has improved 1000% because of off road riding, I am still a novice when it comes to gear and the simple act of getting out there.

The first great investment we made was a Subaru Baja. A quirky car for sure, but Subarus in general are perfect all wheel drive city adventure cars. Small and manageable enough for alternate side street parallel parking (the defining ritual of car ownership in the five boroughs). It’s still plenty of car on gravel roads and …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast