Girl Power for a Cure

By Pretty Damned Fast

Words and Photos by Caryn Capriccioso

Like many things in life, I joined BikeMS Colorado because of a boy. I rode for the first time in 2011 in celebration of my partner’s 20th event riding and raising funds to find a cure for MS. His dedication motivated me to give it a go, “just this one time.” Little did I know it was the girls I met along the way – and those who’ve joined in since – that kept me coming back for the next six years.

As a newbie road cyclist, I knew I wouldn’t keep up with Rick and planned to celebrate with him at the finish of each day’s 75 mile ride. Not wanting to suffer those miles on my own, I set out to meet cyclists who were more my speed on our team training rides. These girls who came into my life through BikeMS- they are nothing short of incredible. As we rode together, waited for each other’s flats and falls, pushed each other’s limits when feeling strong, and slowed as a group for our bad days, many girls – but five in particular – shared our reasons for riding and in those …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast