Surly trims fat bike line but keeps on truckin’

By Stephen Frothingham

TRUCKEE, Calif. (BRAIN) — Surly is still betting big on the fat bike market, but has trimmed its 2017 line from five models to two — the Wednesday and the Ice Cream Truck.

Still, John Fleck, Surly’s global sales manager, said a third model could be added later in the season.

So why is QBP putting one of its fat bike lines on what could be a temporary diet? Let Fleck, working the Surly booth at SaddleDrive, explain. “When I was at Eurobike two years ago, every bike brand had a fat bike in its line. Even Pinarello had one,” he said. But at last year’s Eurobike, fat bikes had been replaced with e-bikes as many companies moved on to the next trend.

Making matters worse was a predictable glut with some companies still now, in mid summer, trying to unload their phat rollers. QBP and other brands began discounting fat bikes in January and February as inventory piled up. Boosting that glut was poor snow in the upper Midwest and Northeast this winter—mainstay markets in the fat bike arena.

And while many bike brands are quietly exiting the fat market, Surly is expecting continued demand but fewer players. And …read more

Via:: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News