Gas Station Fuel Up

By Pretty Damned Fast

By Lori Nedescu

Most of us do not consider this place when coming up with places to grab food or do grocery shopping. Let’s face it, eating from a gas station isn’t ideal for the obvious reason of being filled with overly processed, junk foods.

But there you are, kitted out in the middle of BFE and you’re bonking (or left your carefully planned food at home on the counter *guilty*, or was too busy to prepack food, or simply ran out…etc.). Where do you go? Whole Foods? Not likely! Gas stations are typical stopping points on long, rural rides. Hey it’s better than nothing! But is it?… Let’s take a look at your best options when faced with fueling up here.

: The ride starts from a gas station and you arrive rushed, without eating breakfast!

Look for: Items that will sustain your energy levels and provide usable energy.

Best Options: Muffin + Milk, Breakfast Burrito + OJ, Granola Bar + Yogurt, Banana + Trail Mix.

Skip It: Candy, Beef Jerky, Sport Drink, Protein Bar (these items will either kick in too soon, or not soon enough)

: You are mid-way through a several hour ride and are feeling …read more

Via:: Pretty Damned Fast