Search and State: Search Statement

Photography by Adam Moran, Art Direction by Adam Moran and Tayler Rae Dubé

NY Based cycling brand Search and State recently released their latest project, Search Statement- A contest and platform for action. Search Statement is a platform to collect the stories, photos, ideas, and adventures of the cyclist who inspire them and to help make their aspirations come true through financial and logistical help. Learn more about the project below and get inspired by Search and State’s latest shoot with photographer Adam Moran and PDF co-founder Tayler Rae Dubé

A Search Statement is a proposal for something you want to do. It can be anything, but should involve cycling in some way. It would be great if your idea has a positive impact on others, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Perhaps you want to ride farther, longer, or somewhere no one has before. Maybe you want to build a cycling community where one doesn’t exist. Perhaps you want to create a photo exhibition, an art installation, a cycling movement, a safety device, an innovative type of bicycle, or a new way to ride one. What’s most important is why it matters to you.

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From:: Pretty Damned Fast