The Critical Mass has passed

I’m annoyed. I’m sick of it. I’m pissed. I’m speaking only of San Francisco – and I may be digging my own stick-a-frame-pump-through-my-front-spokes kind of grave, but I do not believe that Critical Mass has any place, relevance, or purpose in the city of San Francisco any longer. (Caution: Strong language to follow)

Yet another unfortunate incident has taken place during a Critical Mass ride, and as per usual these days there is video, and it found its way to You Tube.There was a time when Critical Mass represented a good, relevant, valid message. There was precious little infrastructure in place on the city streets. But the honest truth of the matter is – bike are on the cusp of becoming a mainstream part of transportation in this city. San Francisco is poised to consider legislation to allow bicycles to “semi-legally” roll through stop signs. New bike lanes and new bike infrastructure are being put in place on the streets of the city every day. Improvements are happening.

So why in the hell would you ride the wrong way down a street, intentionally run into a car …read more

From:: JustAnotherCyclist