Share the Road: Mae and Zach


I got into cycling because…

After moving to Atlanta I wanted a bike to ride around town, but was overwhelmed with the choices and my lack of knowledge. When Zach and I started dating he was a fixie kid, so he was able to steer me in the right direction to get my very first single speed. Then a road bike…then a CX bike.

Whats the best part about riding with Zach?

He wants to see me succeed, so he’s always trying to help. I really enjoy his company and although I can’t stand when he talks my ear off when I’m suffering – deep down I appreciate his good intentions and I’m always glad he shares his post ride Coke with me.

What have you learned from riding with Zach?

Besides the general beginner knowledge, three things stand out to me: 1. It’s really fucking hard to put on a good alley cat race. This is something we did together the first year of dating 2. If you can’t be fast, look fast. I now understand proper sock length, how a kit should fit, etc. 3. Train even when you don’t feel like it. He NEVER misses a training ride …read more

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