Just Add Adventure!

Words by Erica Schwanke, Photography by Chris Lee

At least you brought this rain jacket. And you’ve got wool socks in your dry bag. And there will be whiskey and a hot shower at the end of this.

These were the thoughts running through my head as I worked my way to the top of the final climb on day two of a five-day, 345 mile trip on the east coast. Day two was the day the rains came in, the “big rain” as the locals called it, and I’d spent most of the day reminding myself that it could be worse. At least I was wearing gloves, and while they weren’t much help themselves they were helping the hard warmers I’d bought at a roadside deli do their job. I took a lot of comfort knowing that if nothing else I could still squeeze the brakes on the next wet descent, as these little chemical pouches insured that there would be feeling in my hands. That and the certainty of disk brakes helped reassure me I’d get there in one piece. Wherever “there” was.

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