Brooklyn Bicycle Co

Words by Anna Maria Diaz-Balart, Photography by Rob Gullixson

I remember trying to buy my first commuter bike and having the manager of a shop tell me that ultimately it didn’t really matter what the bike looked like, because I wouldn’t be able to see it when I was riding it. Needless to say, I didn’t buy a bike at that shop.

Commuter bikes occupy a particular niche in many a city riders repertoire. They must be stylish since you are seen on them often. They must be reliable and durable to take a beating on city streets, but, above all, they must be inexpensive, since they will spend a lot of time locked up outside. This tiny sliver of a Venn diagram is hard to find. Retired road bikes often do the trick, but are still so delicate and covered with easily stolen parts. A vintage beater works, but down tube shifting and clunky performance isn’t the most comfortable way to navigate city streets. I think what happens to many of us who place a high importance on aesthetics is we get a semi custom build, with runaway prices, and end up with a …read more

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