Rider Profile: Suzie Livingston

Profile by Reese Ruland, Photography by Adam Concannon

I met Suzie Livingston about six months ago at a local bike shop. At the time, I didn’t know about her impressive mountain biking skills, but within the first few days of knowing her I found out that we had an uncanny knack of speaking in a terrible foreign accents to each other, laughing at ourselves, and shared a fondness for casual champagne drinking and love for bicycles. Which, do you need anything more in common than that to form a solid friendship? I think not. It wasn’t until I got to know her better did I learn about her mountain biking bad assery. She races for a local Fort Collins, CO team, The Fort Follies, but isn’t afraid to ride to the beat of her own drummer sometimes. At local grassroots events, like the New Belgium Short Track races, she frequently doubles, sometimes triples up on races. Riding with the ladies and then hitting up the men’s races. I’ve never known her to shy away from a challenge. Suzie has that special kind of determination that is innate in some people. That certain drive that won’t let you give …read more

From:: Pretty Damned Fast