City Guide: Oakland

City Guide by Jillian Betterly and Heather MacKinnon, Photography by Jillian Betterly

It’s very common for bikes to bring different communities together out here in Oakland. Even though this is a large urban area, our love of bicycling often unites us, linking those who ride bikes together to give this big city a small town feel. Heather MacKinnon and I crossed paths a few years back due to our similar passions—we met on bikes, and found out later about our joint love for film photography and the arts. Here is our discussion on the town we love, and things that we feel make it special.

How long have you have you been riding in Oakland?

Heather: Almost 4 years now. My first experience with Oakland was back in 2011 for an FWOD (For Women Only Duh) group ride. They guided about 30+ of us for their holiday co-ed ride and it was a great first experience. I moved here from Boston and although my family calls me bi-coastal, I currently call Oakland home.

Jillian: Also 4 years. I moved here from Colorado, but I’m originally from Upper Michigan. I discovered this Oakland when I biked from …read more

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