Rapha Women’s 100

Words by Anna Maria Diaz-Balart, Photography by Eloy Anzola and Erik Cho

Statistics Courtesy of Rapha

The Rapha Women’s 100 is a global act of solidarity aiming to get as many women on the road on the same day as possible. You have to ride at least 100km but can of course do much more. It’s about connecting women around the globe together, finding other women in your neighbourhood to ride with, and furthering women’s cycling.

— Laura Bower, Rapha UK

CCNYC Ride Leaders

CCNYC Ride Leaders

Few rides have the spirit and camaraderie of the Rapha Women’s 100. It is a ride that beginners train diligently for, and one that seasoned racers make sure not to miss, even if they’ve already raced that day! This past Sunday, thousands of women across the world rode together. Just under 9,000 women registered with Rapha, and countless others rode on their own. Official rides spanned from London to Kazakhstan, from New York to Dubai. In major cities the rides were so big that they had to be …read more

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