Seattle to Portland: The world’s best group ride


As someone that has ridden group rides in a grand total of 2 different states, I feel uniquely positioned to have an opinion on the best group rides of the entire planet. It is from this perspective of decades of experience and miles of riding that I can say with absolute authority: The Seattle to Portland ride from Cascade Bicycle Club is the absolute best group ride, anywhere, ever.

OK. So all hyperbole aside, this really is an incredibly well run and enjoyable ride. Every year they offer up tickets for 10,000 participants – and every year they sell out. Participants can opt to do the approximately 210 mile course in either one or two days – both of which are fully supported.

Lunch break at Lewis-McChord base (Thanks for the photo Johnny!)

This year saw a change in route from previous years, diverting riders through military property of the Lewis-McChord joint base. Here, two day riders enjoyed the sandwiches and wraps of the first day’s lunch stop under the shade of Military aircraft wings and other …read more

From:: JustAnotherCyclist