Words by Zoë Leverant, Intro by Anna Maria Diaz-Balart

This past Sunday thousands of women joined forces to ride in solidarity for the Rapha Women’s 100, many of us followed that watching La Course with equal enthusiasm (and burritos!) Unfortunately, the most powerful images of women and the sport of cycling from this past weekend are going to be of Chris Froome and podium girls. Here at PDF we felt the need to address this issue. While we strive to take a positive tone in everything we publish, we just can’t see a reason for there to be podium girls in 2015. There are so many women athletes who have actually earned their place on the podium, yet media outlets broadcast images of objectified beauty queens instead. We turned to our friend, freelance writer, and cyclist Zoë Leverant to summarize the disparities in racing today and the objectification inherent in the continued use of podium girls. Our sport can be better than this.

Another summer, another Tour de France. Another Tour de France, another conspicuous absence of substantial women’s race coverage. And, despite this being 2015, another batch of podium girls planting kisses on the cheeks of men in yellow jerseys. Another …read more

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