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It used to be that every once in awhile television shows would put out a “remember when” type episode. If it was a sitcom, the characters would find themselves sitting around in a livingr oom or coffee house or something, reminiscing which would lead to flash back sequences of footage from past episodes. I always figured these were the episodes thrown together when most of the writing staff was on vacation or something.

I guess you could say that this post is kind of like that – only I am the writing staff and I’m not actually on vacation.

What I thought I would do is point out the 5 top posts from both of our websites – JustAnotherCyclist.com and VeloReviews.com. These are the stories that google’s pagerank the readers have decided are the most important, relevant, and/or entertaining. So without further ado, here they are listed by number of views, with #1 being the most popular:

Top 5 posts on VeloReviews.com

  1. Is Aluminum the New Carbon? The Cannondale CAAD10. This review alone represents over 12% of the total page views since I started recording after the big VeloReviews move to our new format, with over 21% more views …read more

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